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Post Production includes numerous services like editing, color grading and delivery

FROM CONCEPT TO COMPLETION: An In-Depth Analysis Of Flix Productions’ Post Production Process

The excitement is palpable at Flix Productions as we dive into the post-production process for the highly anticipated second season of “Antiques Down Under.” The show, which features art and antique expert Gregory Bickford. He tours Australia in search of extraordinary collections and eccentric collectors, exceeded all expectations during its first season.

As a result, Channel 9 has not only renewed it for a second season but has also committed to a third season in 2024.

In this blog post, we’ll take you through the various stages of post-production involved in creating this fascinating TV series.


The post production process begins with Gregory and his talented team. They travel across the country to capture all the content required for the season. This includes filming interviews, B-Roll footage, sponsor segments, and more.

Unlike scripted TV shows, factual programs like “Antiques Down Under” often accumulate footage before crafting the storyline. This is what gives the show it’s authenticity and charm. Flix offers a range of Production Services for this stage as well


Once all the footage is gathered, the Flix post production team sets to work. First on creating a theme for the new season. This theme is typically showcased in the show’s opener. This is a crucial element that captivates the audience’s attention and draws them in.

The Flix Productions post production process creative team invests considerable effort into crafting stunning openers that reflect the overall vibe of the season.

Watch the BRAND NEW Season 2 opener here:

After establishing the captivating theme in the show’s opener, we use it as a foundation to create assets for the entire season. These assets include graphics. Like name supers, start and end frames. Smooth transitions for commercial breaks and segments, and specific elements tailored to your show. In this example for “Antiques Down Under,” this included full-screen graphics for the intriguing ‘What is it’ segments. As well as entertaining fun facts shown on screen multiple times during each episode.

As you can see at the bottom of this article, in Season 2, we designed an Art Deco vibe in line with the antique topic.


Flix Productions provides the producers with custom-created script templates. We guide them in structuring the content effectively.

The templates include spots for all grabs (interview snippets) that will be used. Time codes and footage notes for the editor also.

Additionally, a well-designed episode breakdown ensures that the segments fit within the specified time limit to accommodate commercial breaks.


At this stage of the post production process, the script is transformed into the actual episodes. This is crafted by the editors at Flix Productions. They meticulously arrange the quotes and grabs from the talent to align with the script.

Creativity, flair, and emotion are added to enhance the segments’ impact. The vibe of each segment may vary depending on the content.

In this “Antiques Down Under” example, these range from classical tones for antique-focused segments to more fun & energetic vibes for those featuring eccentric collectors.


Expert color graders take charge of the final touches on the colors in the episodes. This process is particularly critical for factual TV series like “Antiques Down Under,” which involves multiple cameras with different makes and models. Matching colors perfectly ensures a seamless viewing experience for the audience.


Before the show airs on Channel 9, the technical team at Flix Productions ensures the content meets the network’s specific requirements.

This stage involves careful attention to detail and a range of television expertise to get the episodes approved.

Multiple versions of the show are delivered to cater to broadcast TV, streaming, and video on demand platforms.

Essential documentation, such as music cue sheets and codec information, is also provided.


Flix Productions takes immense pride in providing post-production services to some of Australia’s most prominent TV shows. Their dedication to maintaining hassle-free yet professional workflows ensures the success of beloved series like “Antiques Down Under.”

If you’re in need of exceptional post-production services for your TV series, consider reaching out to Flix Productions today.

With our expertise and experience, we’ll undoubtedly elevate your content to new heights.

a small selection of graphics created for Antiques Down Under